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Thank you for entering my photo gallery. I am Ton Reijnaerdts and I was born in Roermond (1955), an old provincial town in the southern Netherlands. I am a musician, a photographer and a webdesigner. As a musician I have given many recitals over the years in Holland and abroad and I made several cd's. For more information see my other website, Ton Reijnaerdts' Organ Site. Webdesign and photography have become more and more important for me, to be able to operate as an independant artist.

As a photographer I am mainly self-taught. From an early age I developed a special love for architecture (exterior and interior), landscape and nature photography. For many years I worked at first with black-and-white photography and had my own darkroom, but with modern technical advancements especially of the 24x36mm colour film and the upturn of digital techniques, the darkroom was replaced by a computer which had a great amount of possibilities for editing photographs, without having to worry about breathing in unhealthy fumes, or spillage of expensive photographic material. Recently I started to work fully digital. You can see more than 1000 of my photographs in the Photo Gallery. Main subject is the province of Limburg in the southern Netherlands, where I live. Three galleries are about the landscape of South-Limburg. Also the castles are not forgotten. Two galleries are about the towns of Maastricht and Roermond. One gallery is dedicated to other genres of photography.

Apart from giving music recitals and editing photographs, my interests lie in a variety of subjects i.e. web design, audio editing, designing book layouts. In 1997 I founded my own record company TRA. For more information please check out my other website Ton's Organ Page. Here you will find many photographs of church interiors and organs. A special photo book about historic organ cases has appeared in 2003 (see image above). This book, called "Orgellandschap Maas-Rijn", can be obtained through the foundation SOL, on their web site.

A few words about my equipment: since 1987 I used to work with a Canon 650 EOS and a standard 35-70mm zoom lens, in combination with a Sigma UC 24-50mm lens and a Canon EF 80-200mm lens. From januari 2007 on, I am in the possession of a real Canon EOS 400D, with the standard 18-55mm zoom lens and an additional Tamron 55-200mm lens. For interior photography I use a Slik 17G tripod. I dislike snapshots taken by flash which in my opinion are hard and unnatural. That’s why my flash stays at home most of the time. In my "analogue" days my favourite transparency film used to be Kodachrome 25 and later also Ektachrome 100. For black & white photography I preferred negative film Kodak T-max 100, which allowed a lot of margin in development and had an enormous sharpness comparable with and in competition with Hasselblad photographs! For interior colour photography I preferred the negative film Fuji Réala 100, which is fairly crisp and has a healthy colour balance and a great dynamic reach. For outdoor photography I preferred transparency film, which is superior in colour reproduction compared with negative film. But of course nothing can compete with recent digital photography! After experimenting during more than one year with the digital cameras of family members, I now have the real thing: my Canon EOS 400D with a resolution of 10,2 MPix and an immense contrast!




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