360-degree photography



Below are some examples of 360-degree photography, my passion since last 2014. It is a challenging form of photography with unparalleled opportunities. The panoramas are in different types: as mercator projection in a plane, as around viewable movie, as well as different forms of projection, for example the "little earth" projection. This page is dedicated to the movies. You will initially see the mercator projection ot the various photo documents. If you click on the arrow you will be automatically redirected to the movies to see all around. The most natural look you obtain by zooming in all the way. Otherwise the recording is unnaturally large angular. The making of 360 degrees photographs requires a very special technique and should be performed with separate tools, such as a tripod and panoramic head. Also, special software is required to stitch the individual shots. Making one panorama is a labor-intensive project, but it gives a lot of satisfaction afterwards! Have fun watching the panorama gallery! Have a look on my page with special projections of panorama photos.


Maastricht, Hoeg Brögk


Maastricht, Faliezusterspark


Maastricht, Onze Lieve Vrouweplein


Maastricht, Tafelstraat


Maastricht, Vrijthof


Maastricht, Henric van Veldekeplein


Kasteel Hoensbroek


Maastricht, Jekerdal


Liège, Gare Guillemins


Liège, Place du Marché


Liège, Saint-Jacques


Roermond, Munsterplein


Roermond, Munsterplein


Roermond, Munsterplein


Maastricht, Koepelkerk








Landscommanderij Alden Biesen (B)




Lič`ge, Rue Hors-Château



Before viewing the pictures please check the contrast adjustment on your monitor. You can use my test strip below which I have designed for this purpose. For best viewing, use a gamma value of 2.2 and set the contrast control mode in a position until each individual black and white square (16 in total) is visible.